This is the almighty links page. There are some pretty rad sites on neocities which I'll link to, but there are some websites out there that are sweet that are *not* neocities. Might be fun to make some buttons for the people out there that are doing the lords work and keeping the world a slightly less shitty place for the rest of us. As always YMMV and if I don't include you it doesn't like, mean I hate you. Just my opinion, etc, etc. Feel free to link back or say hi!
Neocities sites that are creative and amazing and I like.
Information from the wire - websites streaming content that's off the grid - online non-corporate video streaming

Enigmas - Sites whose purpose is enigmatic and mysterious (too few of these left in the wild) - Searching for the string on google links to exactly this site, no other clues. Ideas? Mail me!